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Game rules are fairly simple, and they understand even a small child. Thus, on each card taken 24 digits. In some cases, use paper charts, valid within one game, and the other - the constants that are made of solid material. On paper maps were allowed to celebrate marker disposed figures as at the expiration of the game card thrown away. Permanent cards have special windows that covered a certain number. But the most important difference is that the numerical combinations on solid cards are the same, and time were changed each time. Bingo players can play simultaneously with multiple cards.

In bingo allowed to play by different schemes, closing line vertically, horizontally or vertically. Also, there are more subtle patterns. For example, you can close the four corners of the bingo card or two columns vertically and horizontally to form a letter T. Before each game, announced the closing feature speakers. But there is one thing in common - the winner is the player who closed all the numbers on the map.

Each set is present 75 balls, which are designated numbers and letters. During the game, they alternately pulled out of the box or jug ​​(preferably glass) that is necessary for the integrity of the game. So players are confident that each ball is pulled at random.

In that case, if you play bingo hall, it is recommended not to stay in overcrowded classrooms, since it is likely to miss his room because of carelessness. If you want to get a win, it's advisable to choose online bingo cards worth at least 25 cents. Do not buy too many cards as you can not control them all. Chances miss your room. And last but not necessary for you shouting the numbers aloud.

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