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Yes, it is true, we played Blackjack foremost for fun, to give us a tour of the land or virtual casino, to meet other players, but if we can win occasionally, hunky-dory, admittedly, is a additional attraction to this very interesting and fun game. And if we say that win more often is entirely possible in the Blackjack only adding some very easy accounts, would you be interested? If your answer is yes, read the following article.

The technique presented here can not win "all hands". If there is such a technique, the Blackjack tables in casinos simply disappear. No, what I will explain in the following paragraphs is simply a means to significantly reduce the casino advantage. The only virtue required here by the player's concentration.

The general principle is to give a value to each of letters and add them on the fly and as a key figure to appear which means it is the best time to bet. Do not worry, we're going to see everything in detail below in the following article.

It's the first thing you have to remember to use this strategy. So, for letters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, we must add "1". Then, for letters 7, 8 and 9, the value is "0". Finally for As, 10 and figures, subtract "1".

The principle is very simple: bet when the outcome is positive. No bet if the result is negative. That's it. Simple, is not it? A priori, there is nothing complicated, but you have to be able to do the accounts quickly and never wrong. That is why we will proceed to teach you some exercises.

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