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The biggest advantage of playing live poker tournament is the amount of information that each player has at his disposal. Many people underestimate how important it is physically see players sitting in front of you, but if you see them, the can "read" and certainly can defeat them. Being able to "read" people is an important skill for poker, but also for other areas of life, such as business or social relations.

Besides social interaction, online poker tournaments you will usually have to handle money more carefully and play at the top level (if you've taken the time to participate in a live tournament, you will usually play more mean that, for example, in an online match). Money is also much more real when you put directly bills on the table, and know that the prize is only a few meters really makes you consider how real is the money.

By contrast, in the online game, your bankroll is just a number that takes days and days to disappear. Although the online poker player can not see the signs / tells and live poker, there are still details that can give you clues about your opponents, in addition to the interaction between the players, there are many other advantages in this type of game.

First, the selection of games available is far greater than in live tournaments. Online you can always find a tournament that suits your style of play and with a buy-in that is not over your limit, on the contrary, the buy-ins for tournaments casino in Spain are well above the limit of most online players.

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