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Craps dice in Spanish means, from its origins dating back to ancient Rome, craps or dice games were popular among the imperial class. Even with all its history craps "Craps" we know has only about 100 years. John Winn was who changed the rules of the dice game "craps" to reduce the possibility of cheating.

Craps or craps is a game of chance and betting, is played on a cloth and become settled bets between players (no limit players). Dice or craps are a very attractive game and no one to play online, all you have to do is register for a casino that has this game and access it, select one of the different types of craps in the world.

In the best online casinos there are two ways to play dice "Craps" and are:
1 - In a public room where anyone can participate.
2 - In a private room is a room and reserved exclusively for certain jugadore.

The dice also known as Craps is a game where luck and chance go together, there are even people who have created strategies for craps with which they try to fight for the prize, some work, some do not. The reality is that this game is simply a matter of luck and just remember that we play all spells, good or bad, will always end. Know the rules of craps or given, so you can understand the game better and you feel more confident at the time of playing.

The difference is knowing when you need to withdraw from the dice game "craps". If he has drawn attention craps, the main recommendation is to practice well to learn all the rules of craps and recognize the different types of moves you can do, knows the reasons why play craps online .

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