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In fact, "Wheel of Fortune" is a simplified version of roulette that is precisely the feature and its biggest drawback at the same time. The wheel itself has externally a plurality of protrusions, by which, in contact with their retainers, is braked wheel. With the help of clamps also indicates a winning sector at the stop "Wheel of Fortune."

The Wheel of Fortune is usually at the bottom of the screen and you must click to set it in motion. The dynamism with which the wheel turns, depends on the power button, with which the wheel is started. If the wheel lands on the dollar wedge, the player must choose on the bike a consonant or enter it.

Today, "Wheel of Fortune" has been popular in many European countries. Simplicity rules makes the game especially attractive for most people, dreaming to receive pleasure and enjoyment of the game. Many people today believe that the "Wheel of Fortune" - a great way to recognize a lucky man.

"Wheel of Fortune" is reminiscent of the famous TV game "Field of Dreams" and is pronounced entertaining. So first of all it is recommended to all, is not a matter of winning. However, players should focus on small bets, as they tend to bring much better results than larger ones.

Naturally, the participants in the game is very difficult to determine in advance what the sector will be advantageous during the stop "Wheel of Fortune." In the case when the wheel stops moving on the symbol, the player will be more lucky than usual, so as to increase his winnings.

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