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The game of baccarat is definitely one of the games that characterize the casinos all over the world, and owes its fame and popularity to the relative simplicity of its rules. The Italian public, in addition to adore baccarat (typically French), the Italian version of this game, the so-called "Punto Banco", which is differentiated by a slight difference in the calculation of the scores between the player and the dealer. The most noticeable features of this game are simplicity, speed rotation of the hands (ie, the time between one episode and another) and the almost complete dependence on the "case", by pure luck: it is one of the games of 'gamble for excellence.

Baccarat belongs to the category of gambling referred to as "table games" and in the late 800 and early 900 was one of the most loved games by members of the higher social classes. But with the changing times, and the distribution of wealth mainly occurred in the postwar period, baccarat has not lost its charm, indeed it has expanded to a variety of players from the experiences of life and the most diverse. The baccarat in real casinos, is typically played with up to three dealers at one time and a maximum of 14 players.

The game is pretty simple and its simplicity has also a large part of the popularity that sets it apart. It is played with six decks of cards French and the game is played individually against the dealer: that is, regardless of the number of players that are placed to the right and to the left of the dealer in the spaces referred to as "tableaux" or in Italian "wings" , each of them plays, separately, his hand against the dealer; just finished a player's hand, which is winning or losing, the dealer passes to the next player. All this is taking place at a speed such that the waiting time even though the game does not take place at the same time, they are absolutely ridiculous.

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