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The game has a huge variety of different poker variants. However, they also have something in common. Since poker is played usually five or seven cards. There are also options where you may receive one card, and another - to twelve. Only one quality is already with each type of poker - the so-called rank hands combinations. At the end of the game wins the player with the high hand. There are also options in the game right where winning is the player with the lowest hand.

Most popular types of poker game comes with the community cards . These are the cards that are dealt on the table in the open (ie face up) and all the players get a chance to use them in order to make the combination together with the cards that they hold. The most popular games are considered common cards Texas Hold'em and, of course, Omaha. In other popular games in the open and dealt cards belonging to only one player.

They can see the other players, but can only use the player, which they were delivered. Among these types of games are allocated Seven Card Stud and Five Card Stud Poker. Depending on which version of poker game may be one or many rounds rates. So in each round, players have the opportunity to stay in the game, but at the same rate (ie check ) not to put or put in the bank the required amount of money, that is (bet).

Make a bet when you have your hands on the good or the best combination of cards, as well as when there are none, but there is speculation that other players are bluffing, and hence fold. There are variations of poker that are played with the "wild cards". So wild card can be used as a card or suit of any value to improve a player's hand. Often, these cards are the jokers. Most often, the versions of the game of poker with jokers are playing at home, meet them at the casino can be quite rare.

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