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Before you start setting its parameters. Decide beforehand how much money you are willing to lose and victory will be big enough. When you get one of these limits call it a day. Be aware of betting and how to make them. It is the best bet in the craps table, you pass, do not pass, come, do not come, take or lay odds and place free numbers. conservative start with small bets to start winning.

Once you start winning can increase your bets or make riskier bets, then you are betting with money from casinos. Be aware of the reward values ​​of certain bets to ensure that the reward is worth even. The casino will not pay off properly when unequal rewards are the following reward round down to even. Thus, a winning $ 5 bet paying 3-2 must pay $ 7.50 but the casino will only pay $ 7.

You should only place bets with these odd numbered so a $ 6 bet pays 3-2 pay $ 9. before rolling the dice the shooter must keep on the table and deal with only one hand. This eliminates the possibility that the dice are changed by another set. When the shooter must roll the dice throw them hard enough bounce off the end of the table. This is the only way you can be sure that there was a "real" bummer.

If you throw the dice too hard and bounced off the table the dealer simply slide dice more about you and you can start again. players bet against the shooter are not popular with some players. There is a belief that a bad gambler increase the odds of seven soon. Perhaps because few women play Craps when you do it is to bring luck to the table. Superstition (and dice players are superstitious lot) is that a woman who has never rolled the dice (a Virgin shooter) will have a hot roll the first time out.

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